Our company has deep experience in designing and building painting lines thank to its collaborations with reputable companies in the sector.

Some of our staff who previously worked in the sector, has been designing and delivering custom made painting lines, painting booths, ovens, shot blasting systems since we were established.

We have delivered numerous projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to see the list of the projects delivered please refer to reference list on the web site.

Range of Products We are Delivering:

We provide engineered-to-order paint booths for superior paint transfer efficiency, operator safety and comfort, paint overspray containment and particle removal.

  • Do you need an elevated system?
  • Do you need a dry filter or water wash side draft system?
  • Are space limitations critical?
  • Is it important to minimize exhaust air volume?
  • What automation level is required?

Our skilled engineers will work with you to achieve conformance to your exact emission and operating specifications.


Our dry filter paint booths extract airborne paint particles and solvent fumes. Delta dry filter systems provide versatility and can be used in booths of all airflow designs and can work with a variety of coating technologies.

They are relatively inexpensive to purchase, and depending on the paint type and volume, are also inexpensive to operate.

If the application is POWDER, we can offer several different types of Paint booths:
Manual, Filtered with Jet-Air Pulses
Automatic, Conveyorized with Jet-Air Pulses
Automatic, Conveyorized, Sweeping System with Cyclone and Quick Colour Change Option

Working Method:
Dry filter systems push particulate-laden air towards a filter and then force it to change direction rapidly. The particle, having more inertia than the surrounding air, impacts the filter and is removed from the airflow. The scrubbed air is then vented to the atmosphere. The filters become the primary waste stream generated by dry booths. As they become “dirty” their particulate filtering efficiency decreases while their resistance to airflow increases.


A water curtain is being formed below the water-rinsed back wall to suck off the paint mist in the booth. This is the first separating stage.

Due to the high vertical air speed, considerable quantities of water are being carried over from the tank. Water and paint are being whirled and mixed in the turbulent current. The long washing tubes intensify the reaction time to give a perfect washing effect, also for difficult varnish types. Whilst the air is blown into the open, the water gets into the circulation system and thus protecting the water wall from contamination.

less environmental problems
less maintenance
less operating costs
less chemicals
highest operating safety

Some Application Areas of Painting Booths:
- Construction, Fabricated Steel Structures
- Machine Parts, Heavy Industry
- Electronics
- Furniture
- Automobile Sector
- Aviation
- Household Appliances

Delta Steel is the Industry’s Resource for Quality and Efficient Ovens

Our company has extensive CAD resources for the design and development of paint, powder and e-coat curing ovens. Our staff consists of some of the finest design engineering talent in the industry. We can generate oven designs that combine the best features from systems on-line around the world, with original thinking custom-tailored to your plant environment.



Our dry-off ovens are custom designed specifically for part preheating or evaporation of water that remains after the pre-treatment process.

Delta Dry-Off Advantages:
Modular construction to enable easy installation.
Aluminized ductwork and panels eliminate rust and minimize dirt.
Special interior surfaces to improve airflow and cleaning efficiency.
Efficient drying parts with low temperature and high air volume turnover.

Our dry-off ovens can be configured for single and multi-zone applications. They provide fast ramp-up and excellent circulation.


Our high efficiency cure ovens are custom-designed to ensure uniform and complete part curing with no discolorations or dirt rejects while delivering the highest quality coating finish with any coating application. They are effective for large and small work openings. They provide superior control of oven temperature and environment.

Why Our Ovens are Better:
Lowest Enery Cost
Highest Production Efficiency
Lowest Energy Use
In-line continous Processing
Best Oven Control – including heat management and air circulation.
Highest 1st Pass Yield
Best Engineering
Best Engineering
Adjustable Multi-Stage Ramp-Up

We have the most advanced and innovative oven technology and products in the paint finishing industry.

Oven Type Advanced Features
Advanced Features Fast ramp-up times and excellent circulation.
More effective per foot than any other dry-off oven.
Powder Cure Heat Oven Rapidly gels powder without high maintenance IR heaters.
Uses less energy.
Liquid Cure Heat Oven Adjustable fine-tune temperature profiling.
Eliminates solvent popping.
Processes multiple coating types.
E-Coat Cure Heat Oven Superior oven air containment and control
Eliminates condensate build up on exterior surfaces.

The pre-treatment process is the most important step in the painting process. You can make a poor coating perform well with an excellent pre-treatment, but a poor pre-treatment can negate the performance of an excellent coating.

For more than 15 years, Delta has been designing and constructing, with advanced technical know - how, coating systems with which bulk products are pre-treated, painted and cured.

In Delta Coating Systems, bulk products and semi- finished articles receivethe finish which is in line with market requirements. Delta offers economic overall solutions for the most diverse application processes. Our metal cleaning systems represent just a part of the Delta product range.

Sophisticated know - how is a feature of many reference plants. Our cleaning systems fulfill the expectations demanded and the qualty requirements in rough daily use.


5 Major Factors Determine The Size and Type of a Cleaning System
1. The Treatment Process
2. The Shapesof the Workpieces
3. Their Dimensions
4. The Number of Pieces
5. The Type of Heating

The following criteria should be taken into consideration when planning a metal cleaning system.

The cascade principal for water savings
Recycling of raw materials = Minimized waste treatment requirements, chemicals are recovered
Effective heat recovery = Considerable energy savings

Dip Pre-Treatment Systems:
These systems are preferred for low production lines mostly, and its lower manufacturing cost comparing to spray washer systems. The systems are tailor-made for each particular application and designed in precision to receive the best coating finish. Dip pre-treatment systems can be easily suited to existing space conditions.

Dip Surface Preparation
1. Liquid Tanks
2. Baskets carrying Workpieces
3. Hoists (Automatic / Manuel )
4. Exhaust Fan
5. Interior Lightning
6. Personnel Working Platform
7. Steam Trap ( Checimal Steam is gathered and exhausted through this unit )
8. Dry-Off Oven ( automatic or Manuel Oven Doors )
9. Oven Heater
10. Electric Panel

Spray Washer Systems:
Spray washers are the most preferred method for surface preparations, especially for high production lines. Our systems are readily adaptable to many applications. The systems employ acid or alkaline cleaners, followed by water rinses, conversion coatings and selaers. Deionized water may be used as a final rinse to minimize any contaminants on the substrate.
The metering of chemicals is automatic for all active baths. Spray washers usually have from two to seven stages, but may have more depending on the desired qualty of the final finish

Automatic Spray Washer.
1. Liquid Tanks
2. Top Vertically Mounted Pumps (No leakage)
3. Automatic Level Control Unit
4. Filters
5. Nozzless ( Installed and positioned in a way that the cleaning agent gets in touch with the whole workpiece )
6. Non-skid or Grated Flooring Over Tank
7. Access Door
8. Conveyor

We provide shot blasting booths and shot blasting equipment for a wide range of industries including aviation, stone engraving, motor restoration and surface preparation.

Because our booths are manufactured in house we can make modifications to suit our customer’s requirements. All our industrial sandblasting cabinets are capable of blast cleaning using any blast media including; Aluminium oxide, glass bead, sinter ball, steel shot, steel grit and plastic media.

When it comes to removing rust, oil on metal surfaces our Shot Blasting Booths provide excellent surface finish quality. It is vital to obtain rust and oil free surface quality prior to coating metal surfaces especially if the product is used outdoors.

Our booths come in different designs:
1- Downdraft Air Cycle Booths
2- Cross draft Air Cycle Booths
3- Booths with Automatic Blast Media Recovery Systems